Chip Jacks

Peter 'Chip' Jacks is an electronic music producer from Portsmouth, UK. Taking influence from the wide range of music he listens to and the sounds he finds and collects from everyday life, he has created a broad spectrum of electronic styles. After honing his production skills over the last decade, he has found a sound that encompasses music aimed at the dance floor, through to ambient and glitchy electronica.

He has gone through the usual process of DJing from a young age and then taking the natural progression into production, with a love of dance music from early on, leading to a deeper interest into electronic music. Along the way, he discovered incredibly talented artists, such as - Telefon Tel Aviv and electronic labels such as Warp, which became a turning point in expanding not only his musical taste, but also the style of music that Chip wanted to create.

Currently working on his first LP and various club tracks, Chip has recently been busy in the studio and after spending time trying out different software, equipment and production techniques, has found his style and his music is ready to be exposed.