Colin Dale

To call Colin Dale legendary is no overestimation - he has been one of London's most cutting edge Djs for over 20 years and still continues to surprise and marvel.

Music was always a big part of the Dale family's life - Soul, Reggae, Jazz and Funk. Even his school friends included Fabio, Grooverider, Dave Angel, Jumping Jack Frost and Bryan Gee, all who went on to be top Djs in their respective scenes.

It began in 1982 when Colin who was then working as a banker in the city of London began to warm up for Hip Hop supremo Tim Westwood at the cult Gossips nightclub in Soho playing cuts like Soul Sonic Force, Strafe, Shannon and Donna Summer.

In 1985 Colin was one of the key members of pirate radio station Kiss FM and soon left banking to pursue a career in music and the "Abstrakt Dance" radio show was born. For 16 years "Abstrakt Dance" was a ground-breaking show which quite simply brought Techno to the masses. Guests on the show included All the UR crew, Hawtin, Angel, Pullen, Garnier, Saunderson, Craig, May, Cox and the list goes on. The show was put on the internet in 1993 Colin became a household name in Techno circles Worldwide. It was the first ever Techno show to be transmitted live with visuals and it was revolutionary.

It was around this time that Colin teamed up with Brenda Russell and Colin Faver to do the "Deep Space" series of clubs in London which again saw the team take London's Techno scene to new highs. Colin has also been involved in club nights Electric Boogie, Vapour Space, Deep and Jelly. Colin recorded for Perfecto on their very first LP, Obsessive, Logic, Sensei, Visitor, Abstrakt Dance, Swag, Laus and Alien Funk amongst others as well as 7 well received mix compilation LPs for various major record labels. As well as being a regular guest at clubs such as Fabric, Rex, Pasha (Buenos Aires) and Love (Brazil) Colin has toured the Worlds clubs extensively. Japan, China, Russia, Australia and Eastern Europe, U.S.A - Colin is a favourite the World over and has played some of the World’s best parties including Dance Valley, Full Moon, Tribal Gathering, Sunrise, Energy, Love Parade, Automatik @ Rex Club Paris, Rage @ Heaven, Bloc Festival, Glade, Dragon Ball and Paul Van Dyke’s Vandit club in Berlin.

Fast forward to 2012 and its all systems go. There’s label “Conic Records”, Jules Dickens label and website due in November, regular sets @ Fabric, The Whitehouse, East Village, Jamm and The Egg club in London and also more Wildlife AM and D.S.T.P Warehouse parties which have been taking London’s clubland by storm.

Hot new tracks have been released on Plastic City, Conic, Influential House and Evasive record labels amongst others in addition to a heavy remix schedule. A sample / loop CD is coming out on Blacknoise distributed by Loopmaster Due in October 2011.