Kelly Wainwright

From selling records from the boot of his car to running his own shop along with organizing a few parties down the years (and present) Kelly wanted to start with a new adventure in label management as it fair to say its been a passion for a longtime.

"It was listening DJ's playing this music that gave me the bug really. I've been playing records since '91 and started producing music a few years back. I've played at all sorts of crazy parties through the years on boats, beaches, warehouses and a few nice clubs along the way. Thanks to my good friend Tee Davies, I also had the chance to play on a variety of radio shows. I've had some amazing times and been in some strange places," he laughs.

Kelly has been writing music for a few years now on and off. "I was more interested in DJing when i was younger than producing. I was lucky enough to experience a few nice studios. Friends have always been pretty inspirational to me and have been lucky enough to be in the company of some good musicians. The first 'bit of kit' i brought was a Waldorf Micro Q rack which i still have! It wasn't until software thou that i really took up the reigns as home studios were fairly expensive hobby a decade or more back. I like to use Logic with my set up along with a few outboard bits i managed to scrape up for. I remember an old friend telling me that 'when you buy machines you will always want more, that is the problem!' Which in a way i can understand....