When Jason Plummer (Lyca-Clax) heard for the first time "Jean Michel Jarre" in the early 80s he was inspired and hooked on electronic music for good. "The rich sound scapes of the LP's Equinoxe and then Zoolook in 1984 just cant be beaten for its age, it is sonically sound and I think that's what made it stand out - the sounds were so clean!"   Over the years their has been a lot of changes to Jason's studio setup as most of this equipment has been dragged across the south coast of England, playing live at various music events. 

From Roland's JX3-P, JX-9P, Jupiter 6, SH101, TB303, Yamaha's CS-15, CS-80, CS-1x, SU-10 and to new analogue modular systems like the Deopfer A100 system, Dark Time and Dark Energy.

“sound exploration is great fun! To me the ability to record sounds live whilst tweaking pots and sliders real time is the best thing about making electronic music. My Music taste and styles have also changed. Artists like Black Dog / Plaid, Aphex Twin, Autechre, BOC, UR, Drexciya and all the Detroit boys have be such a massive influence on my life."