Mr K-Alexi Shelby

A veteran of house music and techno / soul musician since the start, DJ, producer and entertainer K’Alexi Shelby has been a leading light in the scene for the past twenty years.

Known as one of the founding fathers of Chicago house, K’Alexi was just twelve years of age when he found himself moving in the right circles with the likes of Ron Hardy and Frankie Knuckles.

He frequented all the classic clubs of the day including The Warehouse and Music box whilst taking inspiration from artists such as Stevie Wonder, Curtis Mayfield, David Huff and a mirage of other musical genres from the 70s and 80s that still shapes his sound today.

Like a true pioneer, early success came in 1987 with his first release Essence of a Dream under the moniker Risque III which established the name K’Alexi with all the other well-known house producers at the time. The single enabled him to collaborate with fellow Chicago legends Marshall Jefferson, Mr. Lee and Mike Dunn. The 1991 EPIt’s Me/Club M.C.M did equally well and became an instant club classic, appearing on numerous compilations including albums by techno DJs Laurent Garnier and DJ Hell.

Over the years, K-Alexi has collaborated with a diverse range of artists including Derrick May, Dave Angel and Felix da Housecat. He has also provided remixes for The Pet Shop Boys and Will Smith.

As a DJ, K’Alexi has played a just about everywhere including a residency at the legendary Warehouse (Chicago) and still continues to do so today playing a healthy selection of house, disco and TecSoul, the latter genre being his own creation and label name also. K Alexi's newest label is called K Klassik.