Born and raised in Brooklyn and currently residing in San Francisco, Sen-Sei is the definition of live house music, traveling to every gig with synthesizer in tow. This keyboard player of 28 years has made his unique mark on the house world through jamming his live chops and synthesis over some of the top DJs in the world. Not a DJ but a true live electronic musician, Sen-Sei’s presence on stage is not to be missed.

A master of blending in with different music styles, Sen-Sei has performed live on keys with world renowned DJs such as Doc Martin, Miguel Migs, Mark Farina, D:Fuse, Halo, Hipp-E, Julius Papp, Patrick Turner, Jay Tripwire, Garth, Jeno, Andrew Phelan, Jesse Brooks, David Coleman, Tony Thomas, and DJ Hal.

Over the years, Sen-Sei has held residencies with Centro Fly, Release, 2nd Sunday, Mixed Elements, and Crobar, traveling to England, Spain, Mexico, The Netherlands, and Canada in the process. He has played around the US in cities such as Los Angeles (Circus, Cine Space), New York (Space, Twylo, Sullivan Room), San Francisco (Supperclub, Ruby Skye, 1015 Folsom), Washington DC (Buzz), Chicago (Red No. 5), and Miami (Bed). Outside of club gigs, Sen-Sei has been a featured player at Carnegie Hall, in the documentary “Put the Needle on the Record” and in Voom TV’s coverage of Love Parade and Winter Music Conference.

Beyond his live work, Sen-Sei’s chops have been heard on some of the biggest records in house over the past decade, including cuts on Jah Love, Tango, Jamayka, Big Chief, Offset Music, Grayhound, Siesta, Moonshine, Imperial Dub, Bluem and SOMA. With a discography spanning over 40 releases, his production and keyboard wizardry can be found on hits ranging all the way from 20 Minutes of Disco Glory with Garth and ETI (Wicked #1) to LA Sessions with his group The Atwater Syndicate (Yoshitoshi).

As a resident for Thump Radio, Sen-Sei has been heard regularly on Alice 97.3 in San Francisco and KBIG 104.3 in Los Angeles. His “Private Sessions” radio show appears nationwide on XM Satellite Radio’s Channel 80: The Move, featuring a rotating slate of top talent guest DJs playing along with him.

After almost three decades behind the keys, Sen-Sei is showing no signs of letting up, with a multitude of projects brewing both in the studio and live. Be on the lookout for much more from this keyboard maestro in the near future.