Oskar Szafraniec

Oskar Szafraniec a.k.a. Oscar Burnside (born in Poland in 94') - is a musician, producer and live performer. Since the age of 10 experimenting with music and sound. Oskar's first remix was released on Italian label NuZone Tools when he was only 13. He released his own track on the same label called Dark Side in 2008 and many more tracks with Der Hut (Germany), Shufflemood (Argentina), Frequenza Records (Italy) and other labels around the globe. Since then he's been DJing in clubs and on the festivals, studying music genres, history and spending most of his time working in the studio. In 2010 he released his first and immediately controversial LP album - 'The Suicide' on Dirty Stuff Rec. and another ambient self-released 'Water under dream'. In 2011 he was chosen by the Kluboterapia Awards as one of the top 5 Polish Artists. When he was 17, he dropped out of school to move to Berlin. It was a turning point for Oskar, finding new inspiration, meeting new people, partying every weekend and working on music and touring with UK producer, A Guy Called Gerald. Since then he started to focus on performing his own music with 2 laptops and singing live. He visited many countries around the world, in 2013 he's been touring in Japan with A Guy Called Gerald and had several gigs in Russia and Europe. Oskar finally decided to cast off the Burnside moniker and work as Oskar Szafraniec. Since 2014 he brings more instruments on the stage as he's performing with Roland Aira machines, midi controllers, microphones and laptop. He is very inspired by the people he meets, open minded, curious about different cultural perspectives and that's how he developed his personal, unique sound.