Ron Maney AKA Dj Skull

Ron Maney also known as DJ Skull hails from the Southside of Chicago, IL USA. His musical career started during the summer of 1986, while recovering from a broken bone. Ron was not able to do the things he was used to, so he took to listening and djing Electronic music. From the genre to the minimal production set up, Electronic Music was total freedom of expression. During the following years he homed his craft, djing first at basement parties, building his reputation to go on to larger venues such as, loft and hotel parties, and eventually the infamous Music Box and Power Plant clubs.

Born and raised on the Southside of Chicago, Ron Maney, the quintessential Producer, is in full command of his craft and the identity of his music. He has managed to seamlessly weave the House & Techno genres; from his signature bass lines to the uniquely warm & soulful production, Ron Maney, aka DJ Skull, has proven to be an indispensable part of the music industry. As a kid who was not allowed to watch much TV, Ron’s solace was music. At the tender age of five, his parents gave him his first instrument, a full acoustic drum set. His mother was a soulful gospel singer in the church choir and his father was a DJ and expert audiophile. During this time, Ron’s father began having him listen to Jazz and trained him on listening skills. As Ron continued to delve into his growing enthusiasm for music, he began learning how to play the acoustic guitar from a family member. At the age of 10 Ron became known for being one of the youngest DJ’s to spin this new sound coming out of Chicago…House Music. He received his first keyboard as an 8th grade graduation present. He and friends, including DJ Metal X (Terrance McDonald), began promoting and throwing parties in basements and storefronts under the promotion company Movado. He quickly became respected by well-established DJs who started to loan him equipment for producing tracks. Ron went on to DJ at larger venues such as the infamous Music Box and Power Plant clubs. From there, Ron spent most of most the 1990’s spinning around the world. In addition to launching the label Hypnotic Tones in 2004, he also launched Wax Candy Records in 2010 on which the original Chi-Life E.P. and subsequent album, Chi-Life: Live Project, was released. He is now actively working on more projects.