Murge Podcast 010: Kelly Wainwright

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This months podcast comes from Kelly Wainwright. From selling records from the boot of his car to running his own shop along with organizing a few parties down the years (and present) Kelly wanted to start with a new adventure in label management as it fair to say its been a passion for a longtime.

"It was DJ's playing this music that gave me the bug really. I've been playing records since '91 and started producing music a few years back. I've played at all sorts of crazy parties through the years on boats, beaches, warehouses and a few nice clubs along the way. Thanks to my good friend Tee Davies, I also had the chance to play on a variety of radio shows. I've had some amazing times and been in some strange places," he laughs.

  • Kelly Wainwright
  • Murge Podcast 010
  • 26th March 2014
    • 1. Aubrey - Floating Point (Russ Gabriel Remix)
    • 2. Ian O'Donovan - Omega Centauri (Mad Ben Remix)
    • 3. Marcel Fengler - Jaz
    • 4. Truncate - Reflex 2
    • 5. Jules Dickens - Analog Soul (Russ Gabriel Remix)
    • 6. Rhymos - Pale Ale (Aubrey remix )
    • 6. 2AM FM - Desolate Cities
    • 7. Ike Release - Westview
    • 8. Marcel Fengler - Trespass (Aubrey Remix)
    • 9. Roman Lindau - Rings of Smoke
    • 10. Par Grindvik - Fusion of thoughts
    • 11. The Maersk Project - Cattle Prod (Brett Johnson Remix)
    • 12. Woo York - Vacuum (Unbalanced Remix)