Murge Podcast 026: Donnell Knox

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As founder, owner, and the driving force behind sonic-mind records, D. knox is an integral member of the Kalamazoo techno scene. His passion for funk-laden hard hitting techno is apparent in his many releases since his entrance into the electronic music scene. D. Knox has gathered a following for his music both overseas and in the United States. This acclaim has taken him to perform on worldwide events.

Originally from Kalamazoo, Donnell Knox aka D-Knox is best known for his productions on his own label "Sonic Mind" as well as for his collaborations with his cousin Jay Denham (Vice). Kalamazoo, Michigan has gained a great reputation for producing excellent hard Detroit-flavored techno. Artists & labels that have perpetuated that reputation are Jay Denham, Black Nation Records, Damon Peterson, Fanon Flowers, Mechanisms Industries Records, and Chance McDermott. Donnell has previously released material under his D Knox guise on the Morbid, Magic Trax, Black Nation, and his own Sonic Mind label. Also on his Sonic Mind label, Donnell has also released material as Spirit Man and Last Generation. Donnell Knox combines the Heart of Chicago, and the heart of Detroit this clearly defines his unique style. Donnell’s 1st release was in 1994 on his label Sonic - Mind Records. Catch future releases from D-Knox on sonic-mind at Rub a dub digital dist. @d-knox