The Renegades Pt 2

SEN-SEI & Juan Mejia - 'Squat & Gobble'

This record is spilling with sunny uplifting keyboard riffs, yet has a heart of darkness brooding away in its yearning synths and bassy melancholia, slotting main room club dynamics with a musical slant that's unique. We would expect nothing less from this union of two people who have come to be known as figureheads of the West Coast House Music scene, which is seeing its coming of age worldwide as one of the most crucial and important variants of House to date.

Scientific Funk & Laurence Reed - 'What Am I Going to Be'

A rolling groove with cleverly sync'd percussion provides the basis for deep emotive chords and film noir vocal samples to weave their way through this collaboration between two of Murge's hot resident artists. Rooted firmly in an original early House Music blueprint, yet with equal nods to the West Coast pioneers of the sound from a decade or more later. The result is a big room club track, the kind of which stays near the front of the record box for a good long time.

Chip Jacks & Dan Cooper - 'Blob'

If Kruder and Dorfmeister were to interrupt Masters at Work in the studio while in Ibiza (bear with us here), the results could very well turn out like this perfect headphone delight. Smooth, skippy, trippy and with a warmth all of its own, 'Blob' is sure to be on all chilled wishlists, and of course club playlists, soon. As good loud in a warmup set as it is drifting in from an after party, it's a really accomplished piece of music.

Scientific Funk & Laurence Reed - 'What Am I Going to Be'' (Junior Gee Remix)

Junior Gee slows down proceedings somewhat with an atmospheric remix which references the original, while moving the track in a heady and groove some new direction.

Kelly Wainwright - '1202'

A side winder of a riff moves steadily on its journey in three distinct acts, taking its time to morph from lush dubby keys, mind bending chords through to driving melodic Detroit flavoured synths, all pushing forward to reach a sonically satisfying conclusion. The UFO radio warning samples really set the scene from the start of this exciting record, providing us with a mission statement and musical manifesto from the Murge Recordings henchman himself

Oskar Szafraniec - 'Did I'

A richly layered multi dimensional Deep Techno workout from a producer who is set to become a huge name in experimental House Music and beyond. Varying shades of jazz influenced keyboards shimmer around a central theme of mysteriously beautiful yet edgy ambience, balancing live percussion against a dubby and darkly blissed soundtrack worthy of inclusion in a David Lynch film. Some people around here at Murge Towers have called this new variant of deep intelligent music 'Trip House', and this is surely the best example yet of a new sound sweeping its way across cool clubs and dark studios in Berlin, LA and London.

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