Savalli EP

The 'Savalli' ep opens up with the title track which shows us more of what Oskar's good at making. A timeless blend of influences and instruments work together in a dark cacophony of soulful celebration. Live bongos, sublime background 80's riffs and doppler effected pads create an atmosphere that's as addictive as it is uniquely moving.,

Dj Skull creates a warm and groovy remix of 'Savalli', blending elements from the original to make a Summery 'House and Techno' arrangement from the original version's musical parts, then rivaling it for sheer dance floor brilliance.

'Peyote' a tune unique in its production techniques. Jazzy pads have been sent through Oskar's walls of toy madness to create deck sample craziness, all the while being melodic and thoughtfully attractive, experimental whilst being 'house' too, something Oskar does so well.

Myles Serge takes his remix of 'Savalli' in a more traditional techno direction, looping up elements of the original, creating more essential dance floor moments from Oskar's clever original.

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