WAVESCAPE Castle 037174

Release Details

  • WAVESCAPE Castle 037174
  • MRG016
  • Released 3rd April 2018
  • Featuring Wavescape

Introducing the artist Wavescape (Paul Weston)

Wavescape's debut e.p release was on Steve Paton's, of planet e, 4th wave label, with label mates Ian O'Brien and Downlink. Wavescape had two further releases on the label all featuring a strong Detroit techno influence. Further releases followed with a release on the legendary Solid groove records and a release on Mark Ambrose’s Crayon records. The album Grand Tedium followed released through Shady Acorns / Pinnacle EMI, distributed globally on cd and vinyl. Various Wavescape tracks have featured on Techno compilations such Elements of Jazz 2 and notably a track on Fabric 01 Craig Richards mix C.D.

Wavescape’s original production setup was Liam Carter & Paul Weston, both worked on productions together and individually bringing different influences and approaches to the mix, with strong influences from early synthesizer music pioneers and film soundtracks. They also released Four e.p's as Virtual Earth, distributed through Shady Acorns, which were more club orientated with heavy rotation by the likes of Colin Dale & Darren Emerson.

After a long period away from producing Paul Weston under the Wavescape alias is now producing new material with a new album being released early 2018 including a Russ Gabriel (Ferox) remix out on Vinyl CD & Digital through Murge Recordings. Other digital releases have been through Xenology Records on an e.p along side Rennie Foster, Derrick Thompson, John Morrison and Jace Syntax. Another release was through, Animal Instincts Recordings with a remix of a Wavescape track by Colin Dale.

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