Release Details

  • Woods
  • Album
  • MRG009
  • Released 19th August 2013
  • Digital + CD
  • Featuring Chip Jacks & Plaid

Our next release see's Chip Jacks album 'Woods'. Peter 'Chip' Jacks is an electronic music producer from Portsmouth, UK. Taking influence from the wide range of music he listens to and the sounds he finds and collects from everyday life, he has created a broad spectrum of electronic styles. After honing his production skills over the last decade, he has found a sound that encompasses music aimed at the dance floor, through to ambient and glitchy electronica.

This Album also Features a Superb Remix from 'Plaid'.

(Also this album will be released on vinyl along with an album Sampler (MRG008. Track listing for the MRG008 Crunch Culture / Sneaker / Roll Out East / Roll Out East Plaid 'Inashed' Remix )

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